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Sihasara International Radio



To become most popular world wise broadcast radio channel connected with All Sri Lankan


Provide opportune and extensive information to all Sri Lankan wherever they reside

We shall provide a forum for the public to discuss issues of importance and interest

We support and develop solidarity of all Sri Lankan people sheltering their cultures

Provide extra facilities to business community achieve their business target using International broadcast system



Few students of the Jayawardhanapura University  researched in the listener base of radios in Sri Lanka. They found the gap and identified the future potential of the internet. They wanted to change the whole concept of thinking about the radio.

After many years of research and testing, Sihasra Radio officially stared in 2010. We were the first live radio to provide entertainment in the cyber world. We were very popular among Sri Lankans who has access to the internet; especially who reside abroad. Our rapidly growing listener base demanded programs to be aligned to meet their time zones in the world.Today we are the most popular Sri Lankan cyber radio.



The Station focused on all listeners who have access to any internet to enjoy their Information, Entertainment, who need someone to care about. Sihasara is popular among Sri Lankans live or doing jobs abroad. The young communities are in touch with our radio with our online listening and android app. The station runs 24 x 7 live broadcasting to meet all Sri Lankans.We broadcast – hourly news from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM and three main news broadcasts in-between.Twelve different information and entertainment programs to satisfy different needs of the listeners.

We help different business to reach Sri Lankans with various programs. Also carry the national pride and social responsibility to protect the country for the future generations.


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